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JuicyFields crowd growing takes advantage of the global emerging markets for medicinal-grade cannabis cultivation and distribution.

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Worldwide Medical and Recreational Cannabis Legalization are coming, sooner than expected!

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Crowd growing takes advantage of the global emerging markets for medicinal-grade cannabis cultivation and distribution.

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Worldwide Medical and Recreational Cannabis Legalization are coming, sooner than expected!

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What’s In Our Future

We want to launch more than 20 partner projects, increasing our platform’s total project value from 50 million to 150 million euros. We also aim to become the number one brand of high-quality THC and CBD vapes in the world.
Vertical, protected containers, highly automated module, almost autonomous system, with lighting and ventilation to achieve maximum yield in the cultivation of medicinal cannabis, based on a 40-foot container with a built-in data collection system, for subsequent analysis of the database using artificial intelligence. Our newest idea for fast growth, vertical farming, as we save space, we duplicate earnings!

Let’s Grow Together!
We just launch our exquisite catalog of products with high THC content under a new – JuicyLife brand.
You will find sweets, oils, and extracts that can heal and boost one’s immune system, beauty, and personal care. There will be a section for branded JuicyFields clothing too. (hoodies, T-shirts, face masks, etc).

Fresh buds harvested from the JuicyFields greenhouses out of your favorite Juicy: JuicyBuds, Vape Capsules, High Tea, Chocolate, Bubble Gum, Oils, Extracts, Suppositories.
Experts forecast that 2021 might be the year when Latina America can become the global supplier of medical cannabis with Colombia and Uruguay leading.

This leads us to think that JuicyFields best partners are located within the epicenters of the cannabis industry, Costa Rica, Mexico, Uruguay, and Brazil, where the government creates a favorable legislative environment for medical cannabis cultivation.
On the 22nd May 2020 and cannabis as a whole, as well as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), has been rescheduled.

As of the 29th of November 2020, SAHPRA has issued 20+ cannabis production licenses. Couple this with the low cost of labor, abundant sunshine, excellent climate, and the expertise of a top tier South African grower, and you have the recipe for success.

Our Partners

At JuicyFields, we want to launch more than 20 partner projects, increasing our platform’s total project value from 50 million to 150 million euros. We also aim to become the number one brand of high-quality THC and CBD in the world.


Logo Juicyfields


What is this project about?

JuicyFields is a crowdgrowing platform that connects people with medical cannabis businesses looking for financing. Our platform gives you the opportunity to earn money by helping small businesses in the cannabis industry expand and improve.

The goal of our project is to create a global brand for the production of medical cannabis products (vapes and oils).

Is it legal?

Yes, it’s completely legal. All our growing and processing partners are fully licensed to cultivate and process medical cannabis in their countries.

How do I start?

Create a grower’s account on Fill in your details, and check out your demo plant to understand how the platform works.

Examine the differences between the medical cannabis strains you can grow, choose the right type of strain for you, select how many plants you want to have, and you’re good to go.

What does JuicyFields do?

There are two answers to this question. A simple answer and a more complicated one.

The simple answer is that we are a platform that connects people to legal medical cannabis businesses looking for financing. We manage projects in the medical cannabis industry, as well as producing and selling our own products under a JuicyFields brand.

The more complex answer is that we try to make medical cannabis accessible to everyone. The cannabis industry is currently one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, but it’s an industry where only the rich can thrive.

We aim to change that by making cannabis accessible to anyone around the world. Our platform helps you grow legal medical cannabis without having to apply for expensive cannabis licenses or to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time.

How long have you been doing this?

JuicyFields was founded back in 2017. In the beginning, we spent our time conducting research in cannabis science and marketing, gaining the knowledge and skills we needed to build a platform that allows everyone to grow cannabis without having to touch the plants.

The JuicyFields team expanded in 2019, with the arrival of veteran growers and engineers. That was the moment when we brought our idea to life and created a platform to help regular people grow medical cannabis and achieve their business dreams.

Nowadays, our team consists of experienced professionals (more than 25 years of experience in cannabis cultivation) as well as beginner talents.

Where can I get some more information about you?

Well, you’re already going through our FAQ section, so the best way to learn more about us would be to either:

Download our presentation paper here – Greenpaper

Go to our contacts page –

Follow us on Instagram –

Follow us on Facebook –

Follow us on Youtube –

What is your experience in cannabis growing?

Although we do not grow medical cannabis ourselves – we partner with cannabis growers and processors – some of our team members are expert growers. These team members help us select our partners and review their business plans and growing processes.

What did you start with?

We started our business in Spain, but we faced a lot of difficulties. Then, in 2019, we thought of developing a platform for people just like us. People who want to grow medical cannabis but are not millionaires.

We did a lot of research. We had the idea, but there was a lot to learn about cannabis, marketing, legal aspects, international trade agreements, and more before we could build a platform that helps people grow legal cannabis.

Now we can fulfill our dreams and solve the problems of many cannabis producers and would-be growers around the world – thanks to our partners.

Can I visit the plantations?

Yes. Make a request here

Where are you selling the medical cannabis?

Each of our partners has export licenses. Our priority markets are Europe and Canada, but some of our partners also have domestic trade agreements in place. We also sell high-quality THC/CBD vapes under the global JuicyFields brand worldwide.

You can find out more here – Greenpaper

What are the requirements to join JuicyFields?

You must be at least 21 years old.

What’s the minimum funding?

The minimum funding is €50. You have a choice of varieties with different yields: small, medium, high, and ultra.

You can start a profitable contract for only €50 and by 3 months you will receive your first share from selling cannabis right into your wallet!

When do I get my first profit?

You get the first returns on your funding in as little as 3.5 months from purchasing a plant, depending on the plant’s strain.

How profitable is JuicyFields?

The average profitability depends on the variety. In Grover’s personal account, you will learn more about which varieties can be grown and how profitable each of them is.

JuicyMist – you can expect to generate about 4500-4800€ of total profit in 3 years.

JuicyKush – you can expect to generate about 8,000-9,000€ of total profit in 4 years.

For maximum yields, we have a very special strain with amazing yields.

JuicyHaze – which makes about 10,000-12,000€ in total profit in 5 years.

Can I help you with the development of your project?

We are always open to new collaborations.

If you are a blogger or an influencer and you have a marketing/advertising offer for us, you can email us at

If you want to talk about financing or material assistance for the project, email us at

For sales, distributions, wholesalers, and ambassadors can contact us at

For partnership proposals (we’re looking for dispensaries, production, supply, and everything in between) email us at

If you’re interested in working with us, email us at

If you’re a cannabis startup looking to join the platform, email us at

What are your plans for the future?

We want to launch more than 20 partner projects, increasing our platform’s total project value from 50 million to 150 million euros. We also aim to become the number one brand of high-quality THC and CBD vapes in the world.

What types of strains do you have on your website? Are they specially bred?

Cannabis strains presented on the JuicyFields website are conditional varieties, groups of 4 types of medical cannabis containing high THC (over 12{4aff9bf94a93ab9a877a556a8a1be94eedf7d5f7838f0f6ed5baef8294c1b139}) that vary by number of harvests per year and weight of crop.

Hence, the key characteristics of the plants are average harvest’s weight and frequency of crops. Our partners have licenses for growing several types of medical cannabis so we can choose among our Juicy Strains.

Am I liable for taxes for profits and cryptocurrency deposits? Who pays the taxes and for what?

When it comes to fiat currencies (e.g. EUR, USD, CHF, etc.), then you are liable for taxes from the profits and should consider the deposits as a part of your tax base too. The JuicyFields platform works with Euros, so if you choose this type of deposit, then it’s solely your responsibility to pay taxes by the end of the day. However, when it comes to profits and deposits in cryptocurrency, they are equal to products according to the EU legislation. That means that cryptocurrencies are no different from cars, veggies, books and other goods from the EU law perspective. Therefore, you are obliged to pay taxes only if you decide to sell crypto-assets for fiat currency.

Our JuicyField customers with cryptocurrency deposits do not need to declare and consider them as a part of their tax base. This capital is not taxable. It’s us who is liable for taxes from yields after selling Juicy cannabis to the pharmacies.

Furthermore, it’s important to keep in mind that JuicyFileds platform uses Euros for all transactions between users and partners. That means, that your deposits in crypto will be automatically converted into Euros on the platform according to the actual exchange rate. When you decide to withdraw your profits, you can do that in crypto as well, however they will be displayed on your JuicyFields account in Euros.

Both operations – deposits and withdrawals in crypto depend on the current exchange rate, which is set on hourly-basis on the website. If you wish, you can go ahead and read more about taxes here.

How do long-term contracts actually work?

Our long-term contracts with customers work on auto-renewal basis, without any additional actions required from the e-grower’s side.

After harvesting from the first clone, a new clone is cut with the same characteristics in terms of weight and growing period. This way the cycle remains smooth and unbroken. The following crops are cut in accordance with the characteristics of a particular strain, listed on the JuicyFields website.


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