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May 17, 2022by JuicyFields0

There is an increasingly urgent need for the cannabis community to access high-quality information on cannabis, its uses, cultivation methods, the latest research, and other related topics. As a response to this demand, new formats have cropped up, such as podcasts hosted by committed professionals, knowledgeable experts and organisations that choose to create a space to divulge information, providing the cornerstone of cannabis medicine: knowledge. Here there are some recommended podcasts to learn more about the cannabis movement in Latin America.

Cannalatino, from Central America

 Cannalatino is a community devoted to providing cannabis education to all Latinos around the globe under the precept “research, learn, and act.” The purpose of this community is to fight against and abolish the stigma on cannabis in Latin American culture—the main hurdle to spreading the scientific benefits of marijuana and improving the quality of life of patients. The podcast Cannabis en Español por Cannalatino is hosted by Danielle Espinel, art director, web design and marketing specialist, communication expert, and founder of Cannalatino. The first emission was launched in December 2019, and now the podcast has 16 episodes, each of them less than 40 minutes long. Each episode features interviews with Latin American experts, doctors, and scientists, who provide valuable insight from their experienced perspective on a wide array of topics related to cannabis. 

Cannamedicol, from Colombia

 Colombia has legalised medical cannabis and licences to grow are available even for foreign companies, but still, not everyone in Colombia is part of this conversation. Initiatives like Cannamedicol, a project started by radio announcer Carlos Villada, who has first-hand experience with the benefits of marijuana and intends to share them to strike out the stigma.  Cannamedicol broadcasts content for medical purposes. Up to this date, the podcast has issued 73 episodes including interviews, storytelling, user experiences, and views on new ideas.

House of Weed, from Chile

In his podcast programme “House of Weed,” Noé, a knowledgeable expert from Chile talks about responsible use, cannabis culture, cultivation, legalisation, medical use, and every other topic surrounding cannabis. Apart from this, the podcast intends to spawn conversations with people who are actively contributing to the development of cannabis around the globe. The podcast first aired in 2018 and now has many episodes.

Cannabis y Confusión, from Argentina

Cannabis y Confusión is produced by Mamá Cultiva Argentina, an NGO started by group of mothers and patients joined together for a shared cause: the use of cannabis as a medication.  Based on the premises “My healthcare choices, my rights” and “Marijuana is medication,” this podcast is a collaboration with Radio Madres AM 530, and their purpose is to keep on educating and eradicating prejudice towards this plant, its history, and its applications. 

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