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May 25, 2022by JuicyFields0

Booba is daring and lascivious. Jolting with energy, his lyrics tell us about his identity, his tastes, and his stories. In that same spirit, the rapper managed to venture into cannabis and now stands next to the big players in the industry. The 28-year-old French artist climbed up to the top of the French rap scene in no time and came under the spotlight due to some struggles with the media and entertainment critics. Still, Booba makes use of his renowned reputation and the attention he receives to capture the market, raise expectations, and sell a brand based upon his own image. Influenced by prior business experiences with fashion, the media, and alcoholic drinks, Booba has been lured into the cannabis industry. Following other celebrities and artists who have already joined this market, the rapper wants to enter the world of marijuana to establish his own brand and expand his share portfolio as a businessman.

The Image Becomes an Icon

Owning a cannabis brand will represent a huge opportunity for Booba in the ever‑growing cannabis market. His strategy is to use his image to promote his own CBD strain called B-45, coming to stores in France soon. Booba’s dream became a reality thanks to a partnership with the Dutch cannabis seed company Silent Seeds, which brought the idea to life. The firm used a cannabis strain with 0.3% THC to comply with French regulations on cannabis use.

Social Media: Marketing Allies

Booba embodies French rap from the suburbs. His ongoing feud with the media and his intense character generate engagement, response, and trends on social media. The brand launching announcement posted on Instagram by B2O made quite a splash since the artist referred to a THC concentration of 30%. However, as we know, the laws of this European country prohibit the sale of any product or derivative of such qualities.  Real or fake, the announcement stirred a chain reaction and—once again—brought the rap legend into the spotlight, where he intends to promote his B-45 cannabis brand.

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