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January 22, 2021by JuicyFields0

Yes, racism still happens. So does sexism, ageism, intolerance and just about every other kind of discrimination.

We watched last year when the BLM movement took center stage. After racially motivated police shot and killed a man because of the darker colour of his skin.

Then there’s the sexism. The other day while driving my very sweet son to a friend’s house, my own teenage son said women should never be in a car except as a passenger.

It’s when I realized two things. First, I want a sports car instead of the family car I got after having kids. My boys are teenagers and it’s time I felt like and drive like the woman I am.

The second thing I realized is people who smoke weed are less prejudiced.

I’ve never met a racist stoner. Or an intolerant, sexist, or agist one.

It’s too difficult to hate anyone or anything when stoned. Our tendency after smoking weed is to want to feel those good vibes. And racism is the opposite of vibing good.

When the Black Lives Matter movement took off in mid-2020, the cannabis community stood behind BLM all the way. We joined our forces against the injustice of police brutality and all forms of racism in the modern era.

When Kamala Harris ran with Joe Biden as his vice-presidential running mate, we supported her campaign and favoured her at the polls.

When children and adults needed medicinal cannabis because it was the only medicine that could work we pushed harder. We aimed to get laws passed so those patients could access the treatment they need. Eventually, several governments enacted laws to grant access to marijuana therapy.

Many governments continue to resist change. But cannabis advocates are steadfast in their efforts to get fair access to MMJ in these places.

Prejudice is the best way to describe the prohibition against marijuana. But prejudice takes effort. Marijuana enthusiasts are simply too busy advocating for fair access. Or maybe MJ enthusiasts are just too stoned to discriminate.

It’s better to focus our efforts on cultivation, innovation, education, and enrichment. These are what drive our industry and our world. There’s so much opportunity in the marijuana industry some call it the green rush. Just think of the possibilities for the places where opportunities are slim.

The people in this industry make the world a happier, healthier, more friendly place.

Marijuana enthusiasts have a responsibility. It’s one that goes hand in hand with the dream of global legalization. It’s to make the world a better place.

If we aim to do our best, we take care of the people who need care, and we take care of the plant we will be doing our part.

This industry can change the world for the better. No other industry has the same possibilities as the cannabis industry.  No other plant can reveal the peace-loving qualities a cannabis enthusiast enjoys. Let’s use cannabis to do good for the world around us.

We, cannabis enthusiasts, have what it takes. After all the only thing the world needs more of than cannabis is love. Let’s make 2021 great!

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