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More and more countries are introducing new laws and regulations on cannabis use within their borders. Canada and the U.S have already legislated on the medical use of this drug, and, in some states, recreational use is legal too. In Latin America, Uruguay leads the way after enacting a comprehensive law that governs cannabis use for all purposes. Mexico and Colombia have decriminalised recreational use without exceeding cultivation limits and Argentina, after legalising medical cannabis, introduced REPROCANN: a registration platform for patients and charitable growers’ organisations.

The cannabis industry boom and the expansion of cannabis cultivation are sparking the interest of more and more people about the use of this drug to treat several illnesses. Now the challenge is to educate and disseminate information, because—as a consequence of prohibition practices that kept cannabis in the shadows of illegality—there is little access to research, information, and literature on this topic.

Access to Information on Medical Cannabis

Although the cannabis plant has been used since ancient times and familiar across many cultures because of its medical potential, its prohibition and the propaganda against its use left a gap between accurate information and the patients in need of it. This information void poses a challenge that countries need to respond to if they wish to carry out health policies around this plant and its uses, and communicate truthful, updated information for patients and the public at large.

This is not only about helping users identify the different flavours, varieties, and properties of cannabis, but also finding the right variety for each patient’s illness so as to improve their quality of life. Even though scientific and medical research is growing at a lively pace, information for patients, caregivers, and their families still appears to be scarce and complex for those who approach this topic for the first time. Science, using research and information, is also looking forward to removing the stigma on cannabis to boost this industry.

In collaboration with their respective health ministries, countries that have regulated cannabis offer user’s guides in their official websites. Companies have also stepped in to educate and provide users with tools to learn more about cannabis applications. Here there are three new resources that will help you deepen your understanding about subjects such as cannabis use, cultivation, development, and how medical cannabis is produced.

  • LADbible: Through an online platform, this marketing campaign in collaboration with Cannatrek allows users to assess the suitability of plant-based treatments and schedule a telehealth appointment, as well as getting an online prescription and monitoring their progress on an app. This project does not only target existing users but also people who know nothing about medical cannabis.
  • La Terpenoteca: There is a lab in the Argentine Patagonia devoted to the study and production of organic, food-grade terpene profiles. Along with this service, the company offers information on a terpeneopedia that describes terpenes listed from A to Z and a blog with entries related to cannabis research. This resource can be accessed on the company’s website:
  • “TCW” Accurate Information on Cannabis and the Cannabis Industry: provides a complete downloadable pdf free guide to CBD to learn about uses and production methods of different compounds ranging from hemp to CBD, including all their derived products.

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