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Cannabis continues gaining ground as legalisation spreads around the world. European countries, the first ones to ever benefit from the plant in history, are reviewing their laws and moving towards regulation. In this context, the Recreational Europe report was released in partnership with Curaleaf International, Cansativa, and Ince. This report looks into the legalisation of recreational cannabis in Europe, how North American markets developed, and what the future holds for cannabis in the Americas. The report represents the launch of “The European Cannabis Legalization Tracker”, the first pan-European annual public opinion poll on recreational cannabis. 

Producing the Report

Global cannabis sector public relations specialists KCSA conducted the press launch, TBWA Dublin designed a spectacular creative campaign, Pagefields Communications helped develop the policy savvy, complex polling, and Small World created a challenging brand strategy worthy of a new startup. 

Looking into The European Cannabis Legalization Tracker

This is the first pan-European annual public opinion poll on recreational cannabis, and it shows support for regulated, legal sales, retail stores and cannabis clubs, among the most remarkable findings. The results reveal that most Europeans (55%) now support legal, regulated cannabis sales to adults, but that the continent is wary of the associated risks and cautious to avoid an approach that is excessively focused on consumption in new legal markets.

The polling uncovers there is majority support across Europe for legal, government-regulated sales of cannabis products to people over 18 across 8 markets. Support for regulated retail stores (48%) is significantly higher than for home-grown cannabis sales (35%) or social clubs (32%).

Cannabis Plus’: North American brands that have resonated best have harnessed the interaction between cannabis and wider cultural elements, from music and fashion to cuisine and rich regional heritage. Will this translate to Europe? This is the question that remains to be answered after comparing Europe’s experience with the U.S. in 2012, when legalisation arrived in Washington and Colorado, and the market displayed the early signs of a domino effect. This poll contains more findings in a report available for download free of charge on Recreational Europe’s website.

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