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May 12, 2022by JuicyFields0

After two years of pandemic, associations, unions, organisations, and growers will take to the streets in Argentina to rally in celebration of all the achievements of the cannabis movement, while also demanding those rights that are still pending on this subject. The event is scheduled for May 7th at all squares, streets, and landmark locations across the country. Several organisations, such as Frente Cannábico Bonaerense, have published a list of demands, urging necessary regulations to Law No. 23732, which establishes a legal framework for narcotics use. Associations and NGOs are calling for reforms in cannabis regulation, production, health policy, and education.

Regulating and Repealing Law No. 23737

Activists are pushing for a new law on drugs that addresses cannabis, pardons, and historical reparation claims for people who have been persecuted and harmed under the current legislation in a comprehensive manner, since the most affected victims of prohibition are the needy and trans, cross-dressers, non-binary, migrant, and Afro-descendant communities. This very same prohibition is an expression of how patriarchy infects rights on land and our bodies. Organisations stress “there can be no cannabis production while people are being persecuted and imprisoned.” Additionally, they demand law enforcement officers be trained on regulatory advances such as those introduced by the REPROCANN programme for medical cannabis access and other law amendments. Apart from this, activists are calling for administrative sanctions against public officers who commit misfeasance during police seizure, resulting in patients losing all their harvest and being stigmatised for using the plant.

Cannabis Production and Cooperative Growing

In this regard, cannabis advocates’ main request is a law that creates genuine and subsidised work to launch the cannabis industry as a competitive market. Apart from this, there are demands for the promotion and industrialisation of regional economies, and recognising the quality of plant-based medications made by NGOs, cooperatives, and growers. Finally, activists are requesting priority for people vulnerated under law 23737, cooperative associations, and small producers when filing for licences and registration.

Public Health

Cannabis supporters are pushing for a proper functioning of the REPROCANN programme, as well as technical and financial aid for NGOs and individuals who contribute to meeting the demand of cannabis as a supplementary treatment all throughout the country. Apart from this, people in the community are demanding the inclusion of veterinary doctors into matters related to cannabis therapy and production.

Education and Research

Activists are also crying out for cannabis training in pre-graduate, graduate, and postgraduate courses all across the country. Finally, there are also firm requests for promoting access to cannabinoid profile analysis services and budget provisions for funding research projects conducted by NGOs, universities, and other scientific institutions, as well as promoting risk reduction and management throughout all education levels.

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