How Does It Work?

Simply select the strain of medicinal cannabis you want to grow, choose how many plants you want to have, and our partner growing experts will cultivate the plants in their greenhouses. You can start making a profit in as little as 108 days.

From the clone menu shop, you have many options to select which kind of cannabis you would like to grow. We offer you 4 types of cannabis, called JuicyFlas, JuicyMist, JuicyKush, and Juicy Haze, that will give you different profits depending on the size and quantity of the harvests. Thanks to the experience of our partners and favorable climatic conditions, their plants will be harvested 2 to 4 times a year, depending on the variety.

Juicy varieties that we offer you to grow online are really certified varieties that our local partner has the right to grow. By purchasing a clone, the e-grower gets not only the plant itself but also the prepared growing area and staff time.

50 €JuicyFlash

Harvest after 108 days.

2000 €JuicyMist

4 harvests per year, up to 1600 € every 12 months.

2000 €JuicyKush

3 harvests per year, up to 2250 € every 12 months.

2000 €JuizyHaze

2 harvests per year, up to 2400 € every 12 months.
Juicy Cycle Cannabis

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Juicy Cycle Cannabis
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