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December 30, 2020by JuicyFields0

I’m waiting for my last batch of cannabutter and thinking about the year we’ve come through and the year ahead.
There have been great strides this year for medical marijuana, but nothing gained has come without two characteristics of the MMJ industry as a whole. . . persistence and patience.

These two qualities have been the hallmark traits of the MMJ industry since its inception.  Perhaps because we never believed we’d get this far or because we believed we’d go all the way. Nonetheless, patience and persistence have been the bedmates of MMJ. In 2020 we saw these traits pay off.

All around the globe new laws favoring medical marijuana are taking effect. Patients’ demands for MMJ treatment are being satisfied at a greater rate than ever before. Countries we thought would never address the issue are beginning to see the light. The United Nations has removed marijuana from its strictest forbidden most dangerous category. It’s been an exciting time for medical marijuana.

However, none of the changes in the laws and the growing acceptance would have occurred without persistence and patience. If there’s something we can all learn from the marijuana movement it’s these two traits.

For decades the healing properties of marijuana have been touted in the scientific community but ignored by the legislators. Prohibition and social stigma stood in the way.

Medical treatments using marijuana were forbidden by laws. Possession of marijuana was a crime. Smoking a joint was for degenerates who rebelled against social norms. Upstanding men and women would have nothing to do with the stuff.

Then came the marijuana movement. Backed by a strong sense of injustice, advocates began their mission to alter the misperceptions surrounding marijuana. For years they gathered support around the world to stand up for what they believed would benefit people everywhere.  Through persistence and patience, marijuana advocates worked to little avail slowly gathering support. Over the years, little by little they changed the way society and governments view marijuana.

Today, the medical marijuana industry is one of the fastest-growing industries out there. During the pandemic, medical marijuana is deemed a necessary item in our modern society. While other industries failed this year because of COVID, the MMJ industry thrived.

In my hometown, a place full of anti-marijuana sentiment, the decriminalization of marijuana is underway. It’s an effort to prevent further racial discrimination. My local vape shop doubles as a head shop and sells delta 8 gummies as of last week. They are a mild version of the real thing but still effective when taken in quantity. Huge leaps for marijuana in the bible belt of America.

This came about through years of persistence and patience on behalf of MMJ advocates around the world, such as you guys reading this.

Now the momentum is on the side of MMJ. More than 48 countries have some form of regulated treatment and the list keeps growing. The growing number of countries translated to wider acceptance of MMJ around the globe.

People no longer associate marijuana with rebellion. Marijuana has become a symbol of man’s self-actualized freedom. But no freedom associated with medical marijuana would be possible without the traits of persistence and patience.

These qualities helped us not to give up hope in the face of temporary opposition or defeat.  Instead, MMJ advocates stayed focused on the target despite how long it took.

My cannabutter is nearly complete and ready for the fridge. This batch ought to be just right, since I’ve taken months to perfect the process. By this time next year when I want to try some with Andre’s stollen, my cannabutter will rival even the best.

That’s the power of patience and perseverance.

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