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This is a classic German dish from Berlin, which is where the garnish name “Berlin style liver” comes from. Originally this dish called for a calf’s liver, however we decided to recreate it with wild boar liver and hemp leaves. Ingredients for 2 servings: Wild boar liver 2 x 120g double-grain spelt flour + 20{4aff9bf94a93ab9a877a556a8a1be94eedf7d5f7838f0f6ed5baef8294c1b139}...

This is a recipe that scores points for its easy preparation and excellent results. The minerals contained in the hemp protein powder provide a pleasant, buttery-salty taste and give the scallops a full round seasoning. This recipie provides for 4 portions Ingredients: 8 scallops 20g hemp protein powder to flourish 50g ghee (clarified butter) for...

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