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December 26, 2020by JuicyFields0

The wait is definitely over for Mexico’s marijuana enthusiasts. Soon the country will join the ranks of other marijuana-friendly countries. Making Mexico, Canada, and Uruguay the first three countries to fully legalize marijuana for medicine and fun.

Cannabis lovers get to watch as legalization takes hold around the world. Strengthening the industry as a whole in a relatively brief period of time.

A lot has happened for Mexico’s cannabis industry in the past few months. A few months before, things didn’t look so promising.

In April, during the height of the pandemic, Mexico’s Supreme Court (SCJN) decided to delay the date of legalization. This decision marked the second delay for legalization.

Two years ago SCJN mandated the removal of the ban on recreational and medical marijuana. But in April the Court did not set a date for legalization.

Now, the positively-marijuana-friendly Supreme Court has made it clear. . . legislators must set a date. And it must be before December 15, 2020. Not setting a date and postponing indefinitely has the same effect as if the law were never made.

Mexico’s legislators hear the Court loud and clear. They know they’ve got to pass the legislation.

A divided Senate prevented legalization in the past. The concern? Commercial cultivation of hemp for products such as food, clothes, and building materials. Commercial hemp interferes with some of Mexico’s established business operations.

Now, Senators from several parties have indicated their support of cannabis legalization. And to show support they visited a cannabisgarden planted by activists. The garden happens to be on the grounds of the Senate building.

As written, the cannabis legislation would allow:

  • Recreational use for adults 18 and older
  • Personal possession up to 28 grams
  • Decriminalization of fewer than 200 grams
  • Individual cultivation of up to 20 plants (with a total annual yield less than 480 grams)

Laws are necessary to account for cultivation, buying and selling. The size of Mexico’s population must also be taken into consideration.

More than 129.3 million people live in Mexico. With so many inhabitants there’s going to be a lot of medical marijuana patients. Legislators will need to consider the needs of patients in their framework.

Recreational users must also get their needs met without violating the rights of others. Laws directing recreational use are important for tourism and local affairs. Lawmakers will need to consider a legal framework suitable to the size of the recreational market. The framework must be created to address the needs of all parties involved.

Other concerns arise with the legislation as it is currently written. New cannabis entrepreneurs want to assure they won’t get shut out of the market by big business. And activists want the bill to include a reformative justice program.

There are several considerations legislators must take into account. With few legal models to follow Mexican legislators must consider all aspects of the law. Mexico’s success with the legalization process will be because of the decisions made in the upcoming months.

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