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Always one step ahead in research, looking at the bigger picture, and taking advantage of it. This is the motto followed by many U.S. food companies amid the expanding wave of cannabis legalisation in the Land of Opportunity. Athletes, artists, and Hollywood stars are jumping into the cannabis industry, celebrating that legalisation and the end of stigma are making their businesses thrive. A good example for this is Jones Soda Co., which is set to launch its Mary Jones brand in April and introduce a new product portfolio including gummies, syrup, and—of course—cannabis-infused sodas in several U.S. states.

Jones: An Innovating Brand

Jones Soda Co. is a beverage company based in the city of Seattle, Washington, established in 1955 by Peter van Stolk. Since then, Jones Soda has been distributing beverages all across the Canadian West and used profits to eventually expand to other states. At a certain point, the company decided to transform sodas and energy drinks by changing one of their ingredients: sweeteners. Replacing corn syrup with cane sugar made the company stand out from other brands, allowing Jones to compete with large players in the industry such as Coke-Cola and Pepsi.

Cannabis-Infused Drinks in Different Sizes and Concentrations

Foreseeing a huge growth in the industry, Jones has been designing its new brand devoted to cannabis culture since July last year. Mary Jones will be first launched in California, and then in other states where cannabis is legal. The brand consists in four kinds of products: 10 mg cannabis-infused sodas in 12 oz bottles, 100 mg cannabis‑infused sodas in 16 oz cans, bottles of 1000 mg cannabis‑infused syrup (especially created for mixing with food and other drinks), and 5 mg cannabis-infused gummies shaped like the traditional Jones soda bottles.

Jones Soda CEO Mark Murray claimed that the company expects the Mary Jones brand to deliver solid strategic growth. The logo will use the same font for “Jones,” but with the “N” backwards for greater impact.

More and more companies are stepping into the cannabis industry, showing that there is a clear relation between legislation, market, and promotion. Even though the company does not reach as far as other major players in its league, Jones Soda is aware there is still a chance for them in the cannabis-infused beverage market in the U.S. The brand will hit the shelves on April 1st in California.

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