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This recipe sounds quite simple due to its only 4, -in our case 5 ingredients, but it requires careful workmanship to make this cake successful. Similar to a traditional souffle, the cake should not be disturbed during the baking process, which means the oven door should remain closed to avoid temperature fluctuations and shocks, otherwise...


This is a quick, simple and healthy dish that has its roots in the Middle East and is a national dish in Lebanon, the Palestinian Territories, Israel and Syria, but is also a common dish throughout the Middle East. Hummus is a common appetizer, traditionally eaten with thin, rag-like pita bread and eaten with other...


Our dear Chef André has prepared a succulent menu in the purest “High Cuisine” style, mixing the green plant with the most traditional gastronomy. Wild Garlic and Hemp Waffle, Asparagus Ragout and Egg in an Arugula and Tomato Nest with Hemp Seeds Lamb Shank from the Roman Pot, Grits with Hemp Seeds and Ratatouille Vegetables...

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