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Among the many forms of cannabis administration, we can find vaginal pessaries or suppositories. Vaginal pessaries can be used to treat several diseases: they have proven to be an effective form of local administration, they can be combined with orally administered oils, and they produce no side effects as cannabis shows a significantly high safety profile.

Lorena Albarracín is a plant-based therapist, ontological coach, and medical cannabis specialist who is currently studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Buenos Aires Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and also practices several kinds of holistic therapies. She was certified by the Pharmacology University, Houston (Texas, USA) in “Good Agricultural Practices for Cannabis Cultivation,” “Cannabinoids and Medicine,” “Cannabis and Nutrition,” “Cannabis and Sexuality,” and “Medical Cannabis Dosing Strategies,” among others. Additionally, she has completed the International Introductory Course to Cannabis Use in Neurology at the Peruvian Society of Neurology, she has participated in more than 20 international conferences on medical cannabis, she has attended a seminar titled “Medical Cannabis Analysis: Measuring Potency” by Jenck S.A., as well as many other update conferences on medical cannabis held by the Peruvian Association for Cannabinoid Medicine and the School of Human Medicine at Universidad de San Martín de Porres.

She has been treating patients using cannabis for 6 years, and, from her professional knowledge, vaginal pessaries are an effective and highly efficient alternative since they come in several concentrations of THC and CBD. The expert stresses the importance of seeking a doctor’s advice to find the most suitable pessary according to each patient’s disease. “Pessaries with a higher THC concentration are more efficient at treating chronic inflammations like the ones caused by menstrual cramps, endometriosis, myomas, fibroids, uterine cancer, or unbalanced vaginal pH levels. On the other hand, pessaries with a higher concentration of CBD are more effective when treating polycystic ovary syndrome. Albarracín also highlights the role of each patient’s clinical records when it comes to prescribing pessaries and the importance of medical oversight for a successful treatment. She suggests storing these medications properly, keeping them below 25°C.

Therapeutic Effects of Cannabis

Scientific research has shown that the CB1 receptor is mainly present in some regions of the human body, including the brain, the uterus, and ovaries. This is why administering high amounts of THC and CBD provides more benefits in a short period of time as they act directly on these receptors. This kind of antifungal and antibacterial pessaries can be used to treat any kind of damage or inflammation, and they also balance pH levels. Pessaries or vaginal suppositories are also effective for treating myomas, irregular menstrual cycles, heavy menstrual bleeding, premenstrual symptoms, menstrual pain, vaginitis, uterine fibroids, post-hysterectomy syndrome, pelvic floor disorders, HPV and other STDs, as well as haemorrhoids, tenesmus, and bowel disorders.

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