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In today’s article, we will deal point by point with comments from people who have just found out about Juicyfields and don’t understand the business model, calling it fraud, scam, pyramid, or Ponzi scheme, and usually, the same questions are repeated, expiration of the domain, the SSL certificate, or if cannabis is illegal in their own “investor” country of origin.

From the cannabis sector, people think that it is a scam because Juicyfields pay very little for every gram of harvested plant. People from the crypto sector also think that it is a small amount, and it takes a long time. Then, we have people from the investment sector, who believe that it is a scam because the return is great. Finally, we have people who do business professionally, they know that if a product doesn’t give more than 50%, it’s not a business…

There is something for everyone.

We can also see that the majority of Spaniards ask about tax authorities, and the majority of Americans ask about scams/pyramid/Ponzi schemes.

Another question is how long Juicyfields will it last?

Directly from the FAQ:

No, there is no such plan for the company, we are still a very young company with no plans of ending our operations or the platform.

In the next 5 years, we have set a bold but achievable goal, to acquire 1.5% of the market share. And on top of that, become one of the top 5 suppliers of high THC cannabis alongside the current top market players in the world.

In addition, JuicyFields aims to utilize up to 350,000 square meters of land around the world for our cultivating partners by that time.

Looking at the next 10 years, we aim to become the biggest cannabis company in the world.

  • First, read Juicyfields proposal, the company’s “green paper” to understand in detail the business model.



  • The company is registered in Germany, and they are currently creating a holding company that will associate more projects in the Netherlands, you can review this information by consulting Juicy Grow GmbH en
    https://www.unternehmensregister.de/ureg/, here in detail:



  • In Germany/Holland it is necessary to have an “Impressum” on your website, you can find it here:



Juicy Holdings B.V.
Rokin 92-96, 1012 KZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone numbers
NL +31 (0)20 308 5715


NL 862962006B01


  • From the Apollo business metrics website, we can find the following information:
  • Apollo.io


  • The question about the expiration of the domain is also repeated a lot, and you can check it yourself by doing a “Who is” to the Juicyfields website.
  • who.is


Another topic that is repeated a lot is the bank account, which is in Cyprus.

From their website, we can see that they use the ISXPay platform, known worldwide and used by many companies.

The company ISXPay Financial locates in Cyprus as a tax residence, a country within the European Union.

Here is the company website:

ISXPay Financial


  • We can review the main social networks:


Where is Juicyfields located?



Who are the directors of Juicyfields?



What companies does Juicyfields work with?


🌐 JuicyFields has partners in several places around the world, the selection of these is made under the control of the experienced grower’s members of our team.

Partner’s list:

  • Kannabyte: Colombia, Medellin 🇨🇴
    Sabores Púrpura: Portugal, Coimbra 🇵🇹
    MedLand SA: Costa Rica, Alajuela 🇨🇷
    FCM Global: Colombia, Vereda Guamito 🇨🇴
    CannaHealing: Germany, Kolbermoor 🇩🇪
    Grow: International project 🌎
    Anutea: Colombia, El Carmen de Viboral 🇨🇴
    613Partners: International company 🌎
    TNA: Uruguay, Punta del Este 🇺🇾
    The Greenside: South Africa, Johannesburg 🇿🇦
    Canna Yeza: South Africa, Johannesburg 🇿🇦
    Cannabis-International ApS: Denmark, Kolding 🇩🇰
    Canna Trade Africa: South Africa, Johannesburg 🇿🇦
    United Greenhouse: Mexico, San Juan del Río Querétaro 🇲🇽
    The Cannabis Expo: South Africa, Johannesburg 🇿🇦
    TERRA CANN: Colombia, Antioquia.
    Walker Cultivation: Czech Republic, Prague 🇨🇿
    LC Med: Germany, Berlin 🇩🇪

🌱 Let’s GROW! 🌱


  • And the company expresses that if you want to collaborate, it is possible:

🍀 If you are a medical cannabis grower or your company is in any way connected to this sector and you want to become our partner send us a detailed proposal to partners@juicyfields.io.

  • From the official telegram channel, an e-grower friend leaves us a link to a map made by him, where you can see worldwide where and with whom JuicyFields works.

Mapa Juicyfields


What are the risks involved in the JuicyFields project?


  • From the official Telegram channel and its own website, risks are explained:

“Like any business, ours also has risks, as a dedicated and professional team, we do everything possible to reduce these risks, including by selecting the partners we work with under strict requirements.

To avoid unforeseen events, we calculate and implement solutions against the most common risks both in reserve clones and in operational productions. There are, of course, risks that no one is protected from. For example, a crop may be spoiled due to abnormally high or abnormally low temperatures, flooding may occur due to heavy rains, new types of fungus, diseases, insect infestation, industrial accidents at partner’s premises, license revocation may arise. , etc…

In all of these cases, JuicyFields will do everything in its power to ensure that e-grower yields occur and funds are delivered to your e-grower account as quickly as possible (4.7 JuicyFields Guarantees, https://juicyfields. io/terms).

More global cases, such as climatic disasters, cataclysms, and military actions at the same time in ALL partners, make it impossible to renew a batch of plants. As with any investment in any business, in the event of bankruptcy, any loss must either be assumed with the local financial authorities or deemed lost. Note that this is the most negative scenario, which is extremely unlikely as our partners are located on different continents: Africa, South America, and Europe.

It is essential to understand that all parties receive profits from the crowd growing, JuicyFields, the partners, and the e-growers, nobody will benefit from the fact if any of the parties fail to fulfill their obligations. JuicyFields‘ business is the cultivation of cannabis THC, and the sale is serious business, and it is certain that we will not profit from bankruptcy, especially when we work with governments, qualified associations, and the police”.


Is it possible to visit the plantations of JuicyFields partners?

  • Yes, is possible. You can request a visit by writing an email to public@juicyfields.io

It is also possible to review appearances in various expo-cannabis worldwide, in Mexico, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain, etc. Here is the list of attendances for the year 2021

  • 🎋 Cannabisalud | 18/11 – 20/11/2021
    Cancun, Mexico |
  • ☘️ The Cannabis Expo South Africa | 18/11 – 21/11/2021
    Johannesburg, South Africa |
  • 🍂 Cultiva Hanfexpo | 19/11 – 21/11/2021
    Vienna, Austria |
  • 🌱 Cannadouro | 20/11 – 21/11/2021
    Porto, Portugal |
  • 🍃 Cannabizz | 26/11 – 28/11/2021
    Warsaw, Poland |
  • 🍁 Expocannabis Uruguay 2021 | 03/12 – 05/12/2021
    Uruguay |
  • 🍁 Maryjane-berlin.com | 12/07 Arena Berlin |


The company has been featured in various media, print, and television. In the context of the Expoweed in Mexico, they appeared in various Mexican news programs on Tv Azteca, Adn 40, El sol de Mexico, etc.

We can find various articles on the net, for example:

They are also sponsors and hosts of a television program in Mexico, “Tiempo de Cannabis”




More info about Juicyfields:


The JuicyFields office in Amsterdam is OPEN and available for visits.

Please confirm your visit in advance by e-mail to amsterdam@juicyfields.io also include the purpose of your visit (partnership, marketing, or general questions, etc..) and the time/date.

📞 You may also contact us by telephone on +31 (0)20 308 5715

🕔‼️ Please note that the phone line is available from 10:00 to 18:00 CET time

📍Juicy Holdings B.V.
Address: Rokin 92-96,


  • Valencia – Where you can find Robin and Daniel working hard to ensure the future of the wonderful business via the new investment fund and also welcome potential partners. There will also be the admin base for the associations and also the next phase of video content.
    More than welcome to come and visit with an appointment also
  • Zurich – At present being manned by our Investor Relations Manager Thomas, although not established as a fully operational office you are again welcome to make an appointment for meetings.
  • Tavira – Is where you can visit the forever positive Bruno, again due to covid and expo traveling an appointment is very much needed here.

Also please note that we are more than happy to receive you for formal interviews and recordings if prearranged!

We value each and every one of you for the support and growth with us, when feasible we welcome all of you with open arms and merriment (where possible) to discuss current and future topics.

Hope this clarifies a little more, will update more soon.

All the best and Grow with Us!


From the internet:






@cryptospain Plataforma Juicy Fields #elusionfiscal #inversion ♬ Winter / Chill / R & B_No517 – table_1


After all this info, we expect that you can do your own research, and have your own experience before calling this opportunity a fraud, scam, or even a pyramid/ Ponzi scheme. Happy earnings.


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